Everyday we are being desensitised by highly sophisticated psychological conditioning techniques, purposely designed by marketing executives intent on assaulting our self-esteem. Advertising is dependent on the principle of submission, by relentlessly bombarding us with propaganda that emotionally distorts our perception of adequacy we are taught to believe that they possess the remedy for our emotional suffering. 

Contemporary civilization is so abnormally dysfunctional because our vulnerabilities are perpetually being exploited by by a multitude of multinational corporations that glorify excessive self-indulgence and misdirect us into believing that salvation can be found in: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. 

Our society is run by lunatics, they are constantly devising scenarios that are exploitive of our misery in the name of entertainment.  

Programs like the “X factor” deliberately misappropriate the concept of self actualisation, utilising it as a perverse type of fishing rod bait that’s cast deep into the most destitute corners of society, the producers of these shows purposely want to catch the most psychologically damaged people possible in-order to parade them in-front of an audience to be dehumanised and ridiculed for a cheap laugh. 

We have been unconsciously indoctrinated into believing that inflicting misery on others is a noble and righteous endeavour in pursuance of our own gratification. These artworks are an attempt at decrypting the collective insanity ingrained in society and translating it into something acroamatic and meaningful. It’s a voyage into the psyche of fast-food workers that spit in customers food or those who trample others to death in the pursuit of securing half price George Foreman grills on Black Friday. - Cartrain