Cartrain is an early pioneer of the East London Street art movement and has been producing Street art since the year 2006.

Somewhat of a controversial figure his street art has appeared in cities across the planet from Caracas (Venezuela) all the way to New York City. His style is described as “psychodynamic punk” 

Early supporters of his work include the likes of Banksy, Jamie Reid and Gilbert & George. Since 2008 Cartrain has had a long running feud with artist Damien Hirst who has attempted to take legal action against him and his art. Cartrain has also been subject to numerous tribute pieces most notably artworks by Gilbert and George, David Shrigley and James Cauty. 

Cartrain has been featured in publications such as: Forbes Magazine, New York Times and The Daily Telegraph. Prominent art critic Jonathan Jones has written numerous articles publicly praising Cartrain’s art. 

Photography by Chris Floyd