Instagram, Art and It's effect on Mental Health

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I think that there is a tremendous irony associated with being a self described anti establishment artist and using Instagram as your primary platform to publish art. I think that the majority of artists are acquiescently providing free content to this autocratic platform after being emotionally manipulated using surreptitious psychological conditioning techniques into believing that they require an Instagram account to further their career inadvertently providing free content to an orwellian digital tin-pot dictatorship. I think any sensible person would strongly oppose voluntarily surrendering their data and privacy to a police department in exchange for a thumbs up emoji.. Why are we then unwittingly donating our content, data and privacy to the seventh richest person on the planet who is constantly surveilling where we go, who we interact with and what we buy to then auction off this information to nefarious corporations that are constantly bombarding us with advertisements. I think part of problem is related to accomplished artists who provide valuable content to Instagram perpetuating the perception of legitimacy in exchange for convenience and exposure. I think many people feel psychologically pressured into maintaining a presence on Instagram after being subjected to a highly sophisticated and advanced form of emotional indoctrination where the users are psychologically bamboozled into believing their value as human being is calculated by a like button.


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