Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Street art was devised as a means to circumvent the snobbery associated with contemporary art providing those marginalised from society with a platform to fight back against the pretentious elitism associated with modern art galleries.

Street art in its purest element was an illicit outlet for a form of therapeutic psychological relief with no financial incentive, the primary motivating factor being an anonymous expression of new ideas without one having to enter the confines of a traditional art gallery. Street art represented those shunned by the traditional art world, giving them a place to exhibit their work where they couldn’t be censored by elitist curators. The streets were repurposed as an arena where the general public ensured that the underdog persistently prevailed against the art establishment.

However the mainstream appeal of street art has brought with it many consequences, mainly the opportunistic and somewhat pompous elitists who are of the opinion that street art is only there to financially benefit themselves, they care not about the social enrichment of communities and are both unable to relate or empathise with the destitution faced by the native population whose deep-rooted sociological problems are unjustly perceived as being self-inflicted, lower class artists are viewed by this industry as being dirty and unsanitary for their social ills that they are ever so desperate to overcome.

Personally I’m tired of consistently being labelled the villain of the piece, I’m exasperated from having my contributions continually being omitted as a result of petty personal bias from people who barely know me, I’m exhausted from the social marginalisation committed from the type of people who are constantly lecturing everyone about inequality and social inclusion, I’m infuriated about having food continually taken off my family’s plate by the same sanctimonious idiots that are constantly complaining about trivial issues such as the minimum wage barista at Starbucks taking too long to make their Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino.

The entire scene is a greed driven speculative bubble built upon the greater fool theory, elitist entities are perpetually conspiring to defraud unsuspecting buyers through bogus art advisory consultants and forged auction house results. These entities don’t want art to communicate something meaningful or profound and instead market street art as a sought after speculative asset that’s only purpose is to make themselves richer. Gavel wielding gimps are not an authority on art.

Artists shouldn’t be coerced or befuddled into artificially restricting the availability of art on the market in order to protect the financial interests of a select few negligent speculators. It goes against everything that art stands for, it goes against its entire purpose and deprives it of all meaning, studiously reducing the dispense rate of cultural enlightenment is an exhibition of disloyalty towards those pursuing guidance in the face of adversity.


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