The Emperor's New Clothes

I’m tired of bad art.

It’s quite obvious that Damien Hirst is fully absent of any intellect that may have once been there. Artworks such as: Vending machine dispensing tins of Coca-Cola, Get rich quick NFT Ponzi scheme, Marble Mickey Mouse, Pharaoh Pharrell Williams, Ronnie O'Sullivan 147 break and Persil product section at Tesco are all self-explanatory, can be deconstructed in five words or less and they are about as avant-garde as sucking on a Werther's Original. Whenever I think of Damien Hirst all I can picture is a lost man surrounded by a team of assistants he employed because he has no understanding of where the paint is supposed to go.

Sycophants are clearly one of the greatest threats to the spiritual integrity of an artist. The primary reason art galleries are full of bad art these days is because of culturally illiterate bootlickers void of any sincerity who perceive wealthy artists as being almighty metaphysical entities, their perception of reality melts when somebody mentions the word “art” in relation to an object being examined. Dumbfounded and not wanting to come across as ignorant they collaborate with the mirage in the same highly suggestible state of mind that’s tantamount to a person being duped by a con artist hypnotist into clucking around like a chicken on stage.

The argument that if it’s in an art gallery it’s somehow art can easily be invalidated on the basis that the dog shit and chewing gum adhering to the sole of the viewer's shoes also becomes magically metamorphosed into a priceless masterpiece of modern art the very minute they step inside any building with the word “GALLERY” written above the main entrance. It’s clear to everyone that the establishment has lost its bloody marbles. Major institutions have openly squandered millions of pounds of public money on this scam art, with absolutely no accountability. They stubbornly refuse to believe they are stupid enough to fall for something as simple as the art world equivalent of the Nigerian prince scam and believe that if they were stupid enough to fall for it, so too are the general public.

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