Double Doors and S.SCHWARTZ are two artworks created by Gilbert and George.

 The duo created these artworks from collages I made of the duo at Tower Hamlets college in 2012 whilst studying for a Foundation degree in art and design. 

During an art class I created a few collages of Gilbert and George from recycled images found in the supply cupboard. I knew where Gilbert & George lived and thought it would be absolutely hilarious if I was to glue these collages up directly  outside their house, so I did. A few years later I was contacted via email by a fan who informed me that they had noticed Gilbert & George had reworked the collages into a  gigantic 254 X 453 CM artwork titled  "Double Doors" on  display at the White Cube Gallery the piece was also the centre piece for the White Cube Gallery during Frieze Art Fair 2017, which Al Jazeera referred to as a  "blue chip masterpiece" where it was reportedly sold for £140,000. I would like to make clear I never received any proceeds from this sale of this piece nor any recognition from either Gilbert and George or the White Cube Gallery, even funnier  is the fact that all my University applications which included this artwork were rejected by Central Saint Martins, Goldsmiths, Royal Academy of Arts and the University of East London.

Cartrain Damien Hirst


Back in 2008 I created a series of collages incorporating Damien Hirsts "For the love of God" diamond skull, these were then sold online via an online gallery for the price of £65 each where they came to the attention of Damien Hirst who decided to take legal action for "copyright infringement" against myself.

Serious legal threats including the possibility of having to declare bankruptcy were made against myself and the gallery unless we immediately we forfeited the artworks  and paid Mr Hirst the sum of £195

An out of court settlement was reached between myself and Damien Hirst's legal team where the offending artworks were confiscated from me and given to Mr Hirst. 

Feeling bamboozled and frustrated by this arrangement I decided to remove a packet of pencils from Mr Hirst's Pharmacy installation on display at Tate Britain, I then threatened to sharpen the pencils unless Mr Hirst returned to me the wrongfully confiscated artworks. 

I was subsequently arrested for "theft" as the pencils had been valued at £500,000. 

Widespread Criticism from heavyweights within the art-world was directed towards Mr Hirst, with Turner Prize judge and Art Critic Johnathan Jones describing the incident  as "The biggest stain on Damien Hirst's career, one he will never be able to wipe clean" 

As a result hundreds of millions of pounds was wiped off the value of Mr Hirst's artwork and his credibility as an artist took a massive hit. Insiders from within Damien Hirst's camp were subjected to verbal abuse from an irate Mr Hirst who vowed to "Close every door in the art-world" and "shutdown" my art career at any cost. 

David-Shrigley wanted-pencil.jpg


As a result of the Damien Hirst pencil saga many tributes and parodies were created by established artists including this print edition / post card created by none other than David Shrigley. Featuring an incredibly photorealistic portrait of myself.